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Tomorrow marks the official start of Baker Week! To celebrate, we would love to trend #BakerWeek tomorrow at 3PM EST on Twitter. Not sure when that is for your time zone? We’ve got you covered! Look to the poster to see the trend time for different locations.

If you can’t make it, please try and schedule tweets. Thanks, and happy Baker Week :D

THE MENTALIST. Episode 7x01 (139). “Orange Blossom Ice Cream”.
• Written by Tom Szentgyorgyi
(2x02, 2x07, 2x18, 3x03 RJ, 3x08, 3x18, 4x02, 4x12, 4x23 RJ, 5x05 (100-th episode), 5x13 RJ, 6x02 RJ, 6x09, 6x17).
• Directed by Chris Long 
1x04, 1x06, 1x16, 1x23 RJ (season finale), 2x01 RJ (season premiere), 2x08 RJ, 2x17, 2x23 RJ (season finale), 3x01 RJ (season premiere), 3x07, 3x16 RJ, 3x23-24 RJ (season finale), 4x04, 4x22, 4x24 RJ (season finale), 5x03, 5x05 RJ, 5x18 RJ, 5x22 RJ (season finale), 6x01 RJ (season premiere), 6x08 (RJ finale), 6x15, 6x22 (season finale).

P.S. Orange blossom - flowers from an orange tree, traditionally worn by the bride at a wedding.

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