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Two main quotes by Chris Long for Telerama (France)

• "We just finished filming, and the final episode could serve end. But it can also be a perfect starting point for season 7."
• "If CBS doesn’t want the Mentalist anymore, maybe we’ll go elswhere."

From all this it follows: 

1) is likely to be open ending or logically complete story of Patrick Jane, which can be extended if required; 
2) Warner Bros. seeks to find another channel to broadcast “The Mentalist”. Although they are in talks with CBS, but all in vain. Broadcast “The Mentalist” on other channels is unlikely, very, very unlikely.

This remains the story of Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon

French interview of Chris Long, x

Optimistic interview about the future of The Mentalist and the possibility of a season 7. Chris Long says that “Warner has the rights of TM and has no interest in ending the show”, because it is very profitable for them. He declares too that "We just finished filming, and the ultimate episode could serve as end. But it can also be a perfect starting point for season 7." 

"We hope to remain on CBS next year. But if CBS does not want us anymore, we might go somewhere else. Our N°1 choice is CBS but we are open to the possibility of moving to another channel"

(via tealfeatherlove)

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